15x365 is a group of runners committed to running everyday for an entire year. The rules are simple: run everyday for at least 15 minutes for 365 consecutive days. It doesn’t matter how far you run, or how fast you go. It only matters that you run.


The 15x365 concept was devised by Jon Smith and Robert Brockie in a smokey Newfoundland bar. Both men went on to complete the task in 2011, running everyday though Montreal's humid summers and bitterly cold winters. Robert Brockie has since recruited friends to join him and will be leading the team for the 2015 season.


  • Run continuously for at least 15 minutes
  • Distance does not matter
  • Speed does not matter, but you must run (no walking!)
  • Runs must be completed everyday before you go to sleep
  • Runs completed as part of sport or other activities do not count
  • Runs must be completed outdoors

2015 team

  • Robert Brockie, Canada
  • Jordan Bateman, Canada
  • Pierre-Alain Loiseau, France // Lasted 219 days
  • Keith Connolly, Canada // Lasted 59 days
  • Ross Noble, Canada // Lasted 41 days
  • Heikki Koivikko, Finland // Lasted 1 day

Latest Activity

Up for the challenge? Want to run with us? Drop us a line at hello@15x365.com